was established in 1963 by John C. Pasboel.
The company manufactures and distributes cleaning carts
with a wide selection of accessories.

Dit Combi

DIT COMBI developed the innovative DIT Combi System to provide their customers wirth ergonomic and ecologic solutions that make everyday cleaning easier and more effective. A small Danish family company had quickly become an international producer of cleaning carts which gained recognition in Japan and France, among other countries.

The great variety of DIT COMBI cleaning accessories and customization options allows to create carts that will perfectly suit individual customer needs.

Our products have become popular in many market sectors, from hotel and restaurant industry, to hospitals and healthcare facilities, and among foreign distributors of cleaning devices. DIT COMBI utilizes powder coating method based on Rilsan – an ecologic polyamide that contains natural extracts.

Praised for its high resistance to corrosion and outstanding durability, Rilsan can be applied on metal surfaces to guarantee high protection and reduce bacteria and prevent skin alergies. Products coated with Rilsan also become resistant to sudden temperature changes.

Along with producing cleaning carts, DIT COMBI has patented its Multi*Press system. Multi*Press won’t let dirt particles go inside the mop – a quality that makes the system stand out from the competition.

Developed with physiotherapists and environmental protection experts, Multi*Press provides the greatest comfort of use. DIT COMBI also distributes water-resistant and absorbtive microfibre products [LINK] characterized by their positive static charge that helps draw dust and dirt. Microfibre products are soft to touch and reflect fine absorbtive qualities of a lotus flower.