DIT Combi Spand holder t. 2x13L, (t. 2510, 2511), m. 4 DIT Std ophæng

Produkt nr.: 602435

All our high-quality Rilsan coated parts are Danish DIT Combi Design (since 1962), by our family-owned manufacturing and product development, of ergonomically and environmentally correct products for professional cleaning. The exceptional natural Rilsan coating has protected our users and products for nearly six decades. The numerous parts and combinations give the user the benefit of optimizing their individual DIT Combi trolley.

Weight: 1.14kg

Netto ekskl. moms

Dkr.444 Dkr.546,12

Brutto inkl. 23% PL moms

Dkr.444 Dkr.546,12

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